DJ Heavy Grinder
(Editorial April, 2005)
SOURCE: WWS Magazine


WWSMAG: As a professional DJ, what kinds of music do you usually spin?
I spin House, Drum n Bass, Hard House.
Growing up, you wanted to be a singer right? Can you tell me about that? When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer. I use to imitate Mariah Carry. I loved her way of singing. This was up till I was 12. Then I found other things that I was interested in such as being a model etc. I wanted to be so many things. I could go about 12 different careers I wanted to pursue. :: laughs ::
Which profession is more on priority to you? Modeling or being a DJ?
Definitely DJing is my priority. Modeling is something that I've done all my life, and I continue to do every now and then but DJing is what I dedicate my time and effort to.
Can you tell me about your shows across the nation?
Last year, I've had the chance to drop my beats over in Hawaii, North Carolina, Atlanta, Minnesota, Ohio, Arizona, and other areas in California.
I love traveling so being able to do that and do what I love (spin) is a great pleasure!
What is your opinion on female DJ's?
It's great to see that more female DJs are coming up! It is awesome that there are other females out there sharing their passion and love for music. WWS Magazine! Thank you very much for interviewing me. Much love to one of the hottest magazines out there!


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